Friday, 17 May 2013

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Monday, 18 February 2013

Usagi Drop

 Another great anime which contains some disturbing elements but still is considered one of the best as the character do some ridiculous stuffs. For example, what would you do if you had to take care of a illegitimate child if your grandfather and a unknown mother. This anime has a story of unimaginable level for the people who thinks anime is "cartoon" and its for kids lol.

 Being a 30 years old poor bachelor, Daikichi, one of the main character, runs into lots of trouble which was potrayed comedically and emotionally and feels great to watch, while taking care of Rin, the child with the most wierd background who calls Daikichi's grandpa "grandpa", he has to find out lots of information and also being not economically stable, this guy has to earn the extra money to raise a child.

 All in all its a awesome story and also is one of my alltime most favourite animes :)

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Clannad: After Story

Well what can I say about this anime?? This one coincides with my private life in so many ways I was surprised by myself when I watched it. Clannad: After Story is actually the second and the last installment of the series, first was Clannad.

 Every single character in this anime has their own story, which brought a brand new flavour to the anime. It contains more comedy in the first season of the series than the last. Well I will ask you guys to atleast watch till 16 episodes of the second and the last season to see the ending which tickled almost every clannad fans emotions.

 Clannad is one of my most favourite anime and also it will have a special place in my heart not because this was also one of the first animes I watched but it really pulled me in with all the emotional stories of the characters :)

Hachimitsu to Clover II

Hachimatsu to Clover series is one of the first anime series I watched and therefore it will always occupy a special place in my heart as with four other animes. This is also one of my most favourite anime.

 It contains unique animation style as well as a mature setting not like all the high-school romance based settings you guys will mostly find, but being that it contains many laughable and heartwarming moments as well as some saddening moments.

 To me, I liked the second series more than the first as the ending was not what I was expecting but still it brought me warmth and sadness at the same time which gave me a mixed feeling which I didnt experience in any of the animes I watched after it or before it.

Kemono no Souja Erin

Before I write anything about this anime, I would like to say that there are some animes which must be watched if you are a true anime fan, and I would like to add this anime to that list. This anime is somewhat has everything a anime might need to be a masterpiece and I consider it to be a masterpiece.

 Though it is labeled as a "Kid's anime" I wonder will kids understand it fully and I believe this anime will attract older audience more after they watch some episodes. A anime which contains betrayal, politics, assassinations, tragedy and death is no way can only be labeled as a kid's anime. Though the potrayal of the love and warmth between a mother and her daughter is really heartwarming its good to see in this age where anime world is getting full of ecchi and animes with comedies and incest love it makes us forget that the love between a mother and her daughter or two brothers or a foster father and a daughter can be much stronger and beatiful and heartwarming than the love between just a man and a woman.

 The story begins in this anime in a small village where mystic creatures named "Touda" is taken care of and prepared to used as a tool for the wars. There the mother of the protagonist "Erin" is the head doctor of the Tuodas and Erin being just a child follows her mother's footsteps best as she can to become a Touda doctor herself, but life is not that easy as Erin grows up she experiences many things of both sadness and happiness and becomes mature earlier than rest of her peers. She finds new goals of her life and learns the truth about the world and also the distortion and corruption which is already taking place in her country.

 This anime had one of the best ending ever from the all animes I watched and I really liked it so I would recommend all of you anime fans to watch this anime.

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